Attack From Mars Illuminated Bracket

2 mods for color  » see switch selection on the pic below « 

Illuminated RGB brackets interactive for the AFM pinball

Compatible for the Bally and the Remake ( Chicago Gaming )

Quick and easy installation, less than 20 minutes.

Price 160€

Link to the shop


Remake Chicago Gaming connections

put the red crocodile clip on the motor terminal with the blue wire, and the black crocodile clip on the motor terminal with the yellow wire.

clic on picture to enlarge

The installation video below,    note the both pics for the new motor connections  with the splitter on the motor board


Guides illuminés RGB interacatif pour les deux versions d’Attack from Mars ( Bally et Remake de chicago gaming )

Installation rapide et facile en moins de 20 minutes

Lien vers la boutique

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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